Ten Years Learning How to Say Goodbye

My big brother died unexpectedly ten years ago. He was 39 years old, my only sibling, and someone who always had my back. I’ve spent the past ten years learning how to say goodbye to him. Like most siblings, our relationship was complicated. My brother Jerry was my first and best friend when we wereContinue reading “Ten Years Learning How to Say Goodbye”

Some Words are Worth a Thousand Pictures*

By Melissa Beck  *This post first appeared on Melissa’s blog, thebookbindersdaughter.com  What a difference a day makes. Isn’t that how the song goes? On July 1st I was in the garden reading poetry, lots and lots of poetry and Esther Kinsky’s book Grove which is newly translated into English by Caroline Schmidt and thinking aboutContinue reading “Some Words are Worth a Thousand Pictures*”